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Certified Practitioner



For over 20 years I trained athletes and beginners alike as a USA Roller Sports figure coach, spawning regional and national champions. Prior to that I became a bronze medalist at the 2002 World Championships in Germany in the "Show" event. Living in Los Angeles, there isn't a shortage of entertainment opportunities for roller skaters. I have had the great pleasure to skate in, coach or choreograph countless music videos, commercials, TV shows and films. Most notably Chet Faker's "GOLD" music video with more than 200 million hits on YouTube, in HBO's SHARP OBJECTS and behind Katy Perry.



After suffering a severe whiplash injury in 2015, I struggled to keep coaching and performing. Allopathic medicine wasn't helping. After numerous scans, injections, multiple forms of physical therapy, and even a nerve ablation, I turned to alternative medicine. I became Reiki certified so I could work on myself. I developed a home practice, I changed my thought patterns, and then I started to heal. I became certified in Reiki I and II, as a Biopulsar Biofeedback technician, and in Biofield Tuning. My road to recovery was long but yours doesn't have to be. I am now focused on bringing my awareness and knowledge of the body's electrical system and it's intelligent healing capabilities to all who cross my path with an interest to heal. Energy medicine isn't a quick fix. What drew me to alternative medicine is that conventional medicine tends towards symptom control where as holistic approaches focus on the root of the problem. While there will always be a need for conventional medicine, I believe we are starting to remember how to heal ourselves.


Ayurveda is the science of self-healing. As Ayurveda teaches, in order to support others in their healing, you must authentically engage in our own. Understanding the incredible intelligence system of the body is my new life goal.


Another interesting fact about me is that I see aura's. I have a rare neurological trait  called synesthesia, which has been described as a cross-wiring or cross-firing of the senses. One of the types of synesthesia I have is seeing colors around people and things. They change depending on the light and the environment. I have gotten to know what these colors mean on an energetic level, and researched ways I could use my gift. As a photographer I thought how great it would be to photograph aura's. That's when I started researching Kirlian photography and found that I could not only photograph aura's with the Biopulsar Reflexograph, but I could read the body's whole energetic system as well.

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