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"Biofield Tuning is based on the premise that the human biofield - the energy field that surrounds and permeates our bodies - is inextricably connected with our conscious and subconscious mind, including all of our memories.  All physical, mental and emotional disorders can be perceived as 'dissonance' in our energy fields.  Biofield Tuning is able to diminish and resolve this dissonance and in doing so, alleviate and even eradicate the corresponding physical, mental and/or emotional symptoms." -Eileen McKusick,

Founder of Biofield Tuning

Author "Tuning the Human Biofield"


 Excerpt from Practitioner Kimberly Shipke on her webpage,

Biofield Tuning has helped people all over the world to reduce tension and stress, and improve sleep, digestion, and resiliency. It is physics-based and utilizes coherent soundwaves outside your body to facilitate a change, rather than chemistry-based using pills or “particles” inside your body.


The biofield is a term used to describe the energy surrounding the body which is outside the visible spectrum but holds the blueprint of the physical body. You can learn more in the What is the Biofield section of this website. Tuning forks are frequency generators which produce a coherent output. When they are introduced to a person’s biofield, the tone, pitch and/or timber changes in response to the electromagnetic charge at the outer boundary. As the Earth has a magnetosphere and the sun has a heliosphere, so too does the human body have a charged, double plasma membrane approximately 5-6ft away.

If someone is tuning a guitar and someone else gives them an “in-tune” note, then they hear if they are sharp or flat and make adjustments then they repeat the process until they sound the same or are in resonance with each other. Similarly, when the tuning fork broadcasts what the body sounds like, the body hears itself and begins to “auto-tune.” For example, when the adrenals hear how chaotic they sound, they can adjust themselves to a more coherent expression. This technique is called an adrenal reset. When the adrenals are always firing then you are responding to your environment from a charged place. If they are still then you can respond more appropriately from your center. When your system is coherent it is easier to not be phased by the environment. 



author of "Tuning the Human Biofield"




Some conditions respond very well to Biofield Tuning, others not so much. Many practitioners integrate Biofield Tuning with  tools from other modalities; not everyone practices Biofield Tuning in the exact same way.

*** Biofield Tuning is not advised for individuals who are extremely ill as it may create a strong healing response in the system. As the body releases tension, any toxins that have been held in constricted tissue are released which has the capacity to produce flu-like symptoms, exhaustion, waves of emotion, loose stools and in extreme cases (very rare) rashes and vomiting. Cancer, pregnancy, palliative care, and pacemakers are contraindicated in Biofield Tuning.  See full list of contraindications.

This is a great option if you don't live local, don't like to be touched, are extremely sensitive to sound, or are quarantined at home due to COVID-19.

A distance healing session works like a regular in-person session. Many practitioners use apps like Zoom or Skype, but a cell phone on speaker can also work. If none of these options are available, a follow up call can be scheduled after the the session to discuss feedback.