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Using a multimeter (listed below) you can test your body voltage while touching electronics to see how they raise your body voltage in a negative way. Earthing mats and sheets ground you, like walking barefoot on the Earth does. We need the Earth's negative charge for our hormones to function properly just like we need the sun's positive charge. Once I started grounding using the Grounding Sheet, my insomnia I suffered from for years dissipated. I sleep like a baby now.



The Original Universal Grounding Mat Kit to Improve Sleep, Inflammation, and Anxiety


  • GET GROUNDED: Grounding, or earthing, refers to going barefoot outdoors for 30 minutes per day. However, it’s not always possible to go outside. This mat helps you connect to the earth while indoors.

  • ULTIMATE KIT: With your purchase, you’ll receive everything you need to get grounded — a grounded mat, cord, adapter, and tester along with free copies of the book Earthing and The Earthing Movie.

  • SAFE & NON-TOXIC MATERIALS: Our Grounding Mat Kit is made with eco-friendly and non-toxic materials. We’ve used vinyl-free PU resin that’s infused with carbon pigment and TPE closed-cell foam.

  • SURPRISING HEALTH BENEFITS: Being grounded can provide health benefits, like better sleep, less stress, reduced inflammation, headache or tension relief, improved circulation, and more energy.

  • EASY TO USE: To get grounded, test a wall outlet for proper ground, and connect your mat to the ground port of the outlet. Then place your bare feet on the mat. That’s it! Now you’re grounded!

  • High Quality Material: this earthing sheet is made of pure natural high-quality organic cotton and pure silver fiber. Organic cotton 95%, Silver 5%.

  • Scientific Grounding: the earthing sheet is full of crisscross silver wires. The metal silver has very good conductivity and is good for the skin. The connection between the silver wire and the grounding wire realizes the grounding function.

  • Grounding Principle: grounding is to use the natural energy of the earth to improve health. There are a lot of free electrons with negative charge in the earth. When the human body contacts with the earth, these free electrons will transfer to the human body. When the free electron reaches the human body, it will eliminate the harmful free radicals and maintain the health of the human body.

  • Grounding Benefits: grounding can help you sleep better, improve blood circulation, reduce body pain, accelerate wound healing and many other benefits;

  • Easy to Use: the earthing sheet is very simple and convenient to use. There is a black grounding strip on the sheet. Only one end of the grounding cable in the product needs to be connected to the sheet grounding strip, and one end needs to be inserted into the household grounding Jack to realize the grounding.

Digital Multimeter

Test your body voltage while touching electronics vs. standing on an Earthing mat. Also test to make sure your product works!

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