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Biofield Tuning Group Distance Session 5/29  

Available until Sunday 5/31 at midnight

We work both sides of the 3rd eye chakra, releasing worry about the future and being stuck in the past. As always, drink lots of water and get into a sea salt bath or foot soak post session.

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Some conditions respond very well to Biofield Tuning, others not so much. Many practitioners integrate Biofield Tuning with  tools from other modalities; not everyone practices Biofield Tuning in the exact same way.

*** Biofield Tuning is not advised for individuals who are extremely ill as it may create a strong healing response in the system. As the body releases tension, any toxins that have been held in constricted tissue are released which has the capacity to produce flu-like symptoms, exhaustion, waves of emotion, loose stools and in extreme cases (very rare) rashes and vomiting. Cancer, pregnancy, palliative care, and pacemakers are contraindicated in Biofield Tuning.  See full list of contraindications.

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