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Appelusa has been a certified artistic skating coach for the last 20 years, spawning Regional and National level champions. The daughter of Skateland rink owners, Appelusa competed in art skating from age 5-21 and earned a bronze medal at the 2002 World Championships in 'Show Team'. Since the closing of Skateland during Covid, "Appel" teaches private, semi-private, and group classes around

Los Angeles.

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Photo cred: Elaine Reid Photography

Next Group Class

    Saturday October 23rd



2 + Skaters
Location: tbd

per person



Skate at your own risk. It is highly recommended to wear protective gear, ie. wrist guards, knee pads, elbow pads, etc. You can purchase through *Amazon, there are links to gear on Appelusa's Linkt.ree and in the description on every YouTube tutorial. By signing up for any classes above, you are acknowledging that there is risk of injury involved in roller skating, and that you are skating at your own risk.  


Virtual/Zoom Private Lessons

$30 / 30 min

Contact for private and semi private scheduling
818. 635. 1995

/ 60 min

Private Lessons

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