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OM 136.1 weighted Tuning Fork

The 136.1hz Om tuning fork is a weighted tuning fork which are placed by the ears and on joints, muscle and nerve groups which in turn resonate throughout the body providing relief from arthritis, knee or back pain, surgery or a strenuous workout. Using the Otto 128 with the 136.1hz Om tuning fork can be very meditative and relaxing helping to reduce stress.

Om or Aum is a sacred syllable spoken at the beginning and end of prayers. When placed by the ears, on the sternum, the Om Tuner creates deep resonance which is relaxing and familiar. Use this tuning fork for balance and well being. It promotes good physical, emotional and spiritual healing and health. Place this tuning fork on joints, muscles and nerve groups to help relax the body, releasing stress and preventing the onset of illness. Use it on knees and feet for grounding.

This tuner can help center the body and mind when placed on the chest, spine, back of the head and bottom of the feet. Many people use this fork before they begin meditation or yoga. Download the free eBook on Nitric Oxide from Dr. John Beaulieu.

The frequency for the Om or Earth tuner as it is sometimes referred to is the result of research of Hans Cousto and the planetary frequencies. You can read more about his work here.

Common Uses of the Om 136.1 hz tuning fork
Stress reduction
Joint, muscle and never pain
Muscle Spasms
Improve circulation
Promotes relaxation
Clear Quartz Gem Foot

The clear quartz gem foot attaches to all Omnivos and Biosonics tuning forks. People use the gem foot to amplify energy and vibration transmitted but the tuning fork. It is best used with weighted tuning forks. The smooth crystal makes it easy to smoothly slide the tuning fork along the body while it is vibrating. Recommended for the Otto 128 and Om 136.1. The gem foot comes with a small hex wrench and screen to secure the foot to your tuning fork. You can order the gem foot here.

OM 136.1 weighted Tuning Fork
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