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Tuning Forks, Gem Feet, Accessories

This month's recommendations:

As an affiliate, I may receive a small commission if you use the links below to make a purchase. Kindly consider using these links as it help commission my free content on YouTube. Mahalo!

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I recommend purchasing from a reputable and high-quality distributer. All forks are not created equal. This is why I use Biosonics or Omnivos forks.


Biosonics recommendations below:

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The Sonic Slider Tuning Fork

  • REVOLUTIONARY SOUND THERAPY TOOL utilizes a unique frequency to help you look and feel younger and healthier

  • EASY-TO-USE: Produces noticeable changes quickly with no batteries, chemicals or subscriptions required

  • REPORTED BENEFITS: Increased energy and muscle definition, improved digestion, skin tone and circulation, as well as decreased anxiety and pain

  • INCLUDES detailed instruction booklet and access to three online instructional videos


***NOTE: This fork does NOT come with an accessory. If you'd like to browse Sonic Slider packages, please visit

I recommend if you are ordering just the Sonic Slider Tuning Fork, to also order a Gem Foot from Biosonics (info below). Otherwise head to Biofield Tuning Store and check out the packages.***

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G Fork 192 new.png
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136.1 OM TUNER NEW.png
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Unweighted Forks

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528 new fork only.png
528 new.png

Dna 528 fork Secret Beauty secret

Please note bag may change in color due to supply.  Red is the next batch.

Please note orders of 200  or more please email

Recently we had the good fortune to have one of our student participants come from China and told us that the Chinese have been using this fork for years as a Beauty treatment.

Her video is being translated now to English but it involves the tapping of this fork and sweeping the sound upwards on the face, up and against gravity. She swore it gets rid of wrinkles!

We have been selling this fork for many years to Japan as well and didn’t know until now that that is what they use this fork for as well.

So, we are all busily trying it out and will put the video up as soon as we have it .

The DNA tuning fork is also  the frequency of 528. There are many claims about this tuning fork and we , at Biosonics, have been very thorough in our investigation of this fork , as we don’t want to make claims that we can not stand by and support as being true. We have not found any scientific research that supports the claim that this exact frequency  repairs DNA,  however, we do believe , based on our research into Nitric Oxide and the ability for enzymes found in Wheat Grass to repair DNA that there may be a strong link between DNA repair and a range of frequencies which could include 528 cps. There needs to be more research to

make the DNA repair claim . Good imagery and visualization combined with the 528 fork will enhance your nervous, immune, and circulatory systems which will lead to a more stable environment for DNA replication. This we have done research on.  So, it makes sense that it would bring beauty to your skin.

Some people say that the 528 cps is the frequency of love. Love is an intention coming from the heart. When a mother sings a lullaby to her baby they may not sing in tune of anywhere near the frequency of the 528 . It does not matter. The sound will carry their intention of love and healing . Therefore, the 528 fork , when used in this context can carry the vibration of love and healing the mother brings to it .

We do believe with strong intention and visualization, all healing is possible and the sound of the tuning forks, based on scientific research will create the environment in your body so that our biochemistry has a new

chance to reorganize and create a new pattern for healing.

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417 new.png
432 info.png

Biosonics is proud to offer the opportunity to experience A – 432 tuning. Please note, this tuning fork does not come with a bag.
Currently in our times, we use A 427.6 based tuning system based on an 8cps fundamental.

The 8cps tuning is based on quantum coherence between neural microtubules which are coordinated by an 8Mhz freq. The ratios in this interval are simple such as 2/3 for the perfect fifth and 3/5 for the A (this is based on the Fibonacci series)

The A 432 is based on the Pythagorean spiral . At Biosonics, we encourage and support you to mindfully experiment with different sounds. The best way to understand the effects of sound is to listen and observe how the sound effects your mind and body. Discussions on ideal tuning systems have been going on in every culture for thousands of years. As it turns out there are literally thousands of different ways to tune an instrument, and thousands of different arguments for and against different tuning systems. We would prefer you have the opportunity to directly experience the sound, and then learn about the qualities others ascribe to the sound.

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C256 AND g NEW.png

The Biosonic Body Tuners are the ideal beginner as they are the most powerful tuning fork combination. The C and G tuners create a “perfect fifth” and open the gateway for healing and higher consciousness. Listening to these two different tones, your body makes one tone, bringing your whole nervous system to balance and integrating your mind and body. Within 30 seconds (the same amount of time it takes to stretch a muscle), you can achieve a state of unification and deep relaxation, which might take you 45 minutes to reach through meditation.

Crystal Gem Feet

Gem feet are attachments that allow you to move the fork across the skin's surface. Great for the face. Quartz crystal is known for amplifying frequency, and for its strong coherent order. Click HERE for more info.


Fork Travel Case

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