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LBE Psychedelic Integration

A different perspective on healing

Psychedelic Integration is a branch of Light Body Energetics that educates individuals on the use of microdosing psychedelics for helping overcome things like depression, anxiety, nervous system disregulation, chronic pain, or for the purpose of spiritual growth. 

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If you have been curious about microdosing and want to know how you can use psychedelics as a means to improve your perspective and well being, set up a discovery call today. 


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One-on-one coaching to work on integrating the experiences into your daily life for long term benefits. In a session, we can do this in several ways:
*   Meditation - Connecting to Self
*  Breathwork - Releasing tension and stuck energy
*  Psychospiritual Integration counseling - Weaving spirituality, psyche and ordinary life

 * Vibrational Modalities - The use of Tuning Forks for self care therapy

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Weekly community meetings. Connect with others in our community who are experiencing microdosing psychedelics, share your experiences, ask questions, and get answers.

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