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Red and Infrared Light Therapy

There are now over 3,000 peer-reviewed scientific studies showing incredible health and anti-aging benefits of red and near-infrared light therapy. Overall, red light has been repeatedly shown to have positive effects on cell function in animal and human studies and aid in improving a wide range of conditions, improving health in numerous ways. Near-infrared (NIR) and red light therapy devices have been FDA-approved for several purposes so far, including anti-aging, hair-loss reversal, acne treatment, pain relief, slow to heal wounds, fat loss, among other purposes.

Red and near-infrared light are part of the electromagnetic spectrum, and these wavelengths of light are “bioactive” in humans. That means that these types of light literally affect the function of our cells. 


You can do light sessions at home with your own light and get all the same benefits while saving yourself the thousands of dollars you would spend at an anti-aging or medical clinic.

DGXINJUN Infrared & Red Light Therapy 
infrered light therapy for joint pain and inflammation

After much research, these two are what I recommend. I personally use the DGYAO all over my body. You can lay it flat wherever you need. I have personally been healed from facet and SI joint chronic pain from using a chiropractor's laser.


While most other wavelengths of light (such as UV, blue, green, and yellow light, etc.) are mostly unable to penetrate into the body and stay in the layers of the skin, near-infrared light and red light are able to reach deep into the human body (several centimeters, and close to 2 inches, in some cases) and are able to directly penetrate into the cells, tissues, blood, nerves, rods and cones of the eyes, the brain, and into the bones. Once in those deeper tissues, red light and near-infrared (NIR) light have incredible healing effects on the cells where they can increase energy production, modulate inflammation, relieve pain, help cells regenerate faster, and much more.

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